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Audience & Circulation

Digital Subscription Growth: Four Engagement Initiatives

Data makes the importance of higher engagement levels crystal clear. While many in our company track the number of unique visitors that come to our websites, I track the number of uniques that see a stop light box and how many convert to a subscriber. The first time you see how few visitors consume enough content to actually fire a stop light box each month is unnerving and an issue for almost all newspaper websites.

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NAA Roundup

Digital Revenue

NAA Roundup: Providence Journal sold, Houston Chronicle relocating

July 25, 2014

New Media Investment Group Inc. has reached an agreement to purchase The Providence Journal and related assets for $46 million from A. H. Belo Corporation.

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Digital innovation

Digital Strategies

Online tool makes research on charities easier and giving safer

July 23, 2014

Before you open your wallet for a cause, you can reach for a tool to avoid a scam. Charity Checker, created by the Tampa Bay Times and Center for Investigative Reporting, can help individuals and newspapers.

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Industry Insight

Matt About Jax

Five Answers with Matt Pittman, Florida Times-Union

July 23, 2014

Matt Pittman, host of Matt About Jax for the Florida Times-Union, explains how he got into the newspaper business with his web series and how he describes himself in the community.

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CEO Update

CEO Update

The technology that will stimulate journalism’s future is now here

July 22, 2014

NAA president and CEO Caroline Little writes, "To be successful is to command multiple technologies and share news with readers in new and exciting ways."

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Newspaper stack

A pop quiz on newspaper comic strips

July 21, 2014

Since the late 19th century, U.S. newspapers' funny pages have tickled readers' funny bones. NAA put together a short quiz on comic strips' amusing characters, wacky plots and running gags.

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Mastering Ad Tech Stacks

Job Openings at Newspaper Association of America

July 21, 2014

This page features the latest job openings at NAA. Currently, NAA is looking for a Communications Project Manager. More openings will be coming throughout the summer, so bookmark the page.

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