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News and Media

Our Own Super Bowl Moment

February 09, 2016

The Super Bowl is truly an American cultural phenomenon. Outside of the game, the halftime show and the endless snacks, people watch the Super Bowl for the ads. Some may find it hard to believe that there are other times – and other mediums – in which audiences are highly engaged with ads. According to a Nielsen study, newspaper media scored the highest out of all media when it came to overall consumer engagement.

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Topics & Tools


Newspaper Inserts Drive Consumers to Action

February 09, 2016

Recent independent research reveals that newspaper inserts continued to drive traffic for retailers this past holiday shopping season. Two-thirds of newspaper readers either always or regularly look at inserts, according to Coda Ventures’ Triad research. And, most important to advertisers, newspaper inserts drive action. Nine out of ten newspaper readers report that they take one or more of a broad range of specific actions after reading or looking at inserts.

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CEO Column


The Power of Daily News in our Digital Future

February 08, 2016

I was recently invited by Digital Content Next to attend their members' summit. It was a great chance for me to hear from digital content managers representing a wide variety of media businesses - and the smart people they look to for advice and insight - and to evaluate the prospects for daily news organizations in the digital era, particularly as compared to other types of publishers. The bottom line – I will gladly bet on the power of daily news in our digital future.

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Industry Insight


Five Answers with Stacy Lynch, Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Cox Media Group

February 01, 2016

Stacy Lynch is the Senior Director of Audience Analytics, Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Cox Media Group. Lynch and her team provide audience analytics that use transactional data, web analytics, sales data, market data and a variety of other sources to understand consumers and inform strategy. NAA caught up with Lynch about her work, how she sees the future of media and more.

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NAA Roundup

Web News

NAA Roundup

February 05, 2016

Weekly NAA Round-up of the latest member announcements and staff changes, NAA announcements, what's on our reading list, and social media posts.

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News & Media


Tech Startups and Legacy Publishers Partner to Drive Growth and Foster Innovation

January 21, 2016

By David Chavern, NAA president & CEO - Over history, the news industry has always been heavily impacted by – and then it has adapted to – technological change. Town criers gave way to printing presses, and typesetting was replaced by photocomposition. Our industry has always found ways to transmit the latest news in the fastest and most efficient ways possible.

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Computer and mouse

Webinar Recap: "Mitigating the Impact of Ad Blocking"

January 21, 2016

According to a recent Adobe and PageFair report, 198 million people worldwide are active ad block users. With approximately 45 million users in the United States alone, ad block usage shows no signs of slowing down. From 2014 to 2015, global ad blocking usage grew by 41 percent, contributing to nearly $22 billion in lost ad revenue.

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