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2013 Nielsen National Cross-Media Engagement Study

This report studies the increasingly important question of audience engagement and in so doing moves beyond more traditional metrics of overall audience or demographics. The survey compares the nature of audience engagement with different major media on several key metrics, including comparing the ability to engage consumers with advertising, the level of trust people put in different media and whether people find the content they encounter makes their life better. The side-by-side ad scoring, among other things, can help different media see where there opportunities for more engagement. The findings can also aid advertisers and agencies assess which media help consumers seek and respond to advertising.

The findings show that entertainment platforms engage consumers frequently, but news, particularly from newspaper media, are viewed as more trustworthy and have distinct advantages in the efficacy of the advertising they provide. The findings also show how much growth potential exist for different media in extending their reach and engagement through mobile.

This online survey of 5,000 adults conducted by Nielsen and underwritten by the Newspaper Association of America, was fielded from December 9, 2012 through January 8, 2013 and the margin of error is 1.4%.

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First Published: April 16, 2013