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The Connection With Newspaper Media

How do you connect with newspaper media? No matter how people receive their newspapers – in print or online, on smartphones or tablets – they rely on newspaper media for their local news, advertising and other information.

Maybe you’re not a print subscriber, but did you know that 36 percent of adults who claim they did not read a newspaper in the past week actually did use one? In a typical month, 28 million adults access newspaper content on their smartphones or tablets. And in the past month, 79 percent of adults said they took action on a newspaper ad. Similarly, 66 percent of newspaper users reported acting on a newspaper digital ad.

Last year, NAA surveyed thousands of newspaper readers about their connection/bond with their local newspaper. See what some of them had to say about "my newspaper."

What connects you to your local paper? Maybe you read the newspaper to keep up with local, national or world news. Or perhaps you like to peruse the ads to find the best deals around town, or discover what events are taking place in your community.

Regardless of what brings you to the newspaper, one thing is always true: Newspapers deliver throughout the day in multiple locations and on multiple platforms. In fact, a NAA study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates tells a compelling story of how people like you engage with newspapers across multiple platforms. WATCH: Multiplatform Engagement With Newspaper Media

This new infographic from NAA provides a quick look at how readers connect with newspaper media. Take a look, and think about how YOU engage with newspaper media on a daily or weekly basis.

Download Infographic

The Connection with Newspaper Media naa.orgnewspapermedia.com

Scarborough Research, USA+, Release 1, 2012; Frank N. Magid “How America Shops and Spends 2010” and “Newspaper Multiplatform Usage Study 2012”

First Published: October 01, 2012