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Participate in the 2014 Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey

By Karla Zander, manager of research and member services, Inland Press Association

What Is The NICS?

Inland’s Newspaper Industry Compensation Survey (NICS) is the industry standard in compensation planning. It is easily the most comprehensive, authoritative and powerful decision-making tool, surveying more than 100 job titles specific to print and digital newspaper operations. The survey compiles data from approximately 500 newspapers, including roughly 75% of the 100 largest U.S. dailies. NICS is continually updated to reflect the changes in newspaper business models.

"As the original designer of the survey and ongoing expert adviser, I have come to realize just how critical a valid and reliable survey is to the industry," said Robert Greene, CEO of Reward Systems Inc. consulting firm.

Inland Press Association logoWhy Should You Participate?

NICS provides your organization with high-quality data for pay levels and compensation practices among newspapers in the United States and Canada. With this comprehensive and up-to-date data, newspapers get reliable and effective pay benchmarks – of a quality and scope that cannot be found anywhere else. In addition to salary information, NICS reports data on employee benefits and incentive compensation programs.

Armed with this survey, newspaper organizations can compare compensation levels by circulation size, by revenue level, by geographic region and with the newspaper industry as a whole. NICS is especially useful for projecting the impact of changing compensation strategies and programs. It’s often used for decision-making about the impact that reducing payroll or benefits expense will have on employee recruitment and retention.

"Whenever I am consulting with a newspaper client, the NICS is often the sole source of competitive information for pay planning, pay administration and bargaining on pay-related issues," said Greene. "This is particularly true for jobs that are relatively unique to the industry."


The NICS basic report and its available custom reports provide averages across its many categories. No specific information regarding any individual newspaper is ever released. Inland Press Association researchers have been processing confidential financial data for more than 90 years without a single breach of confidentiality – a record they are determined to uphold.

This powerful compensation management tool is available to NAA members at the same discounted rate as Inland member newspapers.

To put NICS to work for you, contact Karla Zander, Inland’s manager of research and member services, at 847-795-0380 or by e-mail at kzander@inlandpress.org.

First Published: April 21, 2014