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Press Center FAQ

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about commonly requested newspaper industry statistics and other issues. If your question is not answered here or you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

How do I set up an interview with one of your industry experts?

Journalists interested in interviewing one of our experts should contact NAA Communications Manager Lindsey Loving at lindsey.loving@naa.org or (571) 366-1009. If you are not sure which expert would be the best fit, please visit our media guide for descriptions of our senior staff and their areas of expertise.

What are some key industry statistics?

  • 71 percent of U.S. adults and 59 percent of young adults read content from newspaper media weekly (comScore, Scarborough).
  • 33 million adults (23 percent of newspaper readers) access newspaper content exclusively on mobile adults, and 77 million (55 percent) use mobile devices sometimes (comScore).
  • Newspaper media comprised a $38.6 billion industry in 2012 (NAA).
  • Circulation revenue grew by 5 percent in 2012, the first time since 2003. Digital-only circulation revenue grew by 275 percent, and the revenue from bundled subscriptions jumped by 499 percent (NAA).
  • Newspapers and newspaper websites rank the highest in the average engagement index, above radio, Internet and television (Nielsen).
  • Newspaper print ads drive the highest purchase intent – a 35 percent higher score than local television, cable television and local music radio (Nielsen).
  • Newspapers are the most trusted form of media (56 percent), compared to local television (52 percent) and social media (37 percent) (Nielsen).

Where can I find newspaper revenue reports?

The 2012 American Newspaper Media Industry Revenue Profile is available in our Trends & Numbers section, where you can also find archived advertising expenditure charts and circulation reports dating back to the 1950s. The 2013 annual report is scheduled to be released during NAA mediaXchange 2014, which will be held March 16-18, 2014 in Denver.

Why did NAA stop releasing quarterly numbers?

NAA will continue to publish a report detailing the full range of revenue streams for the newspaper industry. However, the report will now be released annually instead of quarterly. The reason for the change in reporting is due to our efforts to produce a more comprehensive report to properly reflect the evolving nature of the newspaper industry and its revenues.

Where can I find information about total readership and circulation?

The comprehensive Scarborough report on total readership and the makeup of newspaper audiences is available in our Trends & Numbers section, and a write-up of the comScore digital readership numbers from June-Sept. 2013 is available on the NAA blog. Information about total circulation is available in the newspaper circulation volume section.

Do you have figures for a specific newspaper?

No. We do not release circulation or advertising figures for individual members.

How often does NAA release new research or data?

We are constantly doing research on a variety of topics, including industry trends, consumer behavior and best practices. There is no set number of studies we release per year, but we aim to provide the most up-to-date and relevant data on the newspaper industry.

What is NAA’s position on the shield law (Free Flow of Information Act of 2013)?

We believe that for a democracy to be responsible and powerful, it must be informed, and our free press plays a critical role in ensuring that every American has constant access to important and trustworthy news. The Free Flow of Information Act is a balanced law, backed by bipartisan support, that would provide protection for journalists and their sources while still guarding national security and ensuring effective law enforcement. We support the bill and are committed to doing everything we can to further press freedom. NAA maintains a shield law resource hub with the latest news and information about the push to enact this law.

Where does NAA stand on native advertising?

It is one of the biggest advertising trends for publishers today, and native advertising creates yet another opportunity for publishers to reach the huge and highly engaged audience of newspaper readers. As a new and evolving form of advertising, native advertising – or sponsored content – must be governed by specific best practices to ensure transparency, value and usefulness of the content. NAA published a three-part series on the strategy and best practices for native advertising, and also hosted a members-only webinar with Dorian Benkoil of Teeming Media and Steve Rubel, chief content strategist of Edelman. Additionally, NAA maintains a native advertising resource hub with the latest news and discussion about the topic.

Where can I find information about this year’s NAA mediaXchange conference?

Details on this year’s speakers, program, sponsorships, and other key information are available in the NAA mediaXchange section of our site.

How I can receive your press releases by e-mail?

To be added to our media list, please e-mail Lindsey Loving at lindsey.loving@naa.org or subscribe to our RSS feed.