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Advertising Planning and Budgeting 101

Advertising Planning and Budgeting 101

August 03, 2012

The best way to get your fair share of an advertising budget is to understand what the budget ought to be and how it should be used. With “Advertising Planning and Budgeting 101,” a new free resource from NAA, you can be a hero to your customers and get your fair share.

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Latest ADVERTISING Topics & Tools

Call for Creative Examples

April 09, 2014

Help us demonstrate the value of newspapers to advertising and their media agency partners! NAA is looking for advertising and promotion examples that showcase newspaper media innovation, creativity and effectiveness in delivering results.

NAA Advertising Planbook

April 09, 2014

Now, more than ever, advertisers need your help in making good decisions for their business and your staff needs proven effective tools for thriving in the increasingly competitive market. Having now sold a million copies, the NAA Advertising Planbook is a time-proven tool. The 2014 Planbook has been updated with the newest data and updates on the topics that are most relevant to the industry today. And this year's publication features the calendar section, back by popular demand! 

Sliding Down the Rabbit Hole: Advertising, engagement and digital platforms

March 23, 2014

Less than two years ago, the World Federation of Advertisers released survey results showing that senior marketers at major multinational brands feared they were drowning in data and were looking for ways to simplify the number of key performance indicators they needed to follow. Most of the respondents to that survey were tracking between five and 10 different digital metrics, but nearly one-fourth were monitoring 10 to 15 measures. Seventy-two percent of respondents indicated their current data load was about right, but one in five said that it was too many.

NAA Newspaper Ads

January 27, 2014

The latest advertisements and infographics from the Newspaper Association of America. The ads focus on the power of newspaper media and the value newspapers offer to advertisers.

What newspapers need to know about native advertising

December 04, 2013

Native advertising is all the buzz, even if not everyone agrees what it is. Top-flight publishers such as The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post and, notably, Forbes, have experimented with the form. Meanwhile digital-first news organizations such as Buzzfeed, Gawker, Quartz and The Huffington Post consider native advertising a core sponsorship offering. But what is native advertising – and what isn't? And, how can newspapers employ native advertising strategies effectively?