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NAA Newspaper Ads
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Additional Resources
For more facts about newspapers and the newspaper media industry, follow @NAAupdates or find NAA on Facebook.

NAA Newspaper Ads

This collection of downloadable ads from the Newspaper Association of America focus on the power of newspaper media and the value newspapers offer to advertisers. Browse the images below, and click to download high-resolution, print-ready PDF files. To inquire about alternative sizes (select ads may be available in additional formats upon request), or if you have trouble downloading the materials, please contact NAA Web & Social Media Manager Amanda Knowles

The Big GameJanuary 2014   Super Bowl 2014January 2014   Make a list newspaper ad
December 2013

Holiday ShoppingNovember 2013
  Black Friday
November 2013

November 2013


Newspapers Deliver
May 2013


  The Connection With Newspaper Media
November 2012


Anytime, Anywhere
May 2012

Did You Know?
May 2012

  Readers Vote, Voters Read
February 2012

  At Thanksgiving, Newspapers Talk Turkey
October 2011

Smart is the New SexySeptember 2011

  Smart is the New Sexy
September 2011

  Smart is the New Sexy
September 2011

June 2011

May 2011
May 2011

Last Updated: January 27, 2014
First Published: May 12, 2009