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2012 Facts, Figures & Logic

2012 Circulation Facts, Figures & Logic

October 19, 2012

The 2012 installment of this popular product, based on an ongoing NAA circulation study, includes the latest data and trending information on a range of circulation metrics, including: subscription sales, subscriber churn, retention data by sales source, single-copy sales by outlet, subscriber payment practices, and an in-depth look at other aspects of newspaper marketing from strategic use of discounts to pricing strategies and outsourcing of distribution functions.

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Latest AUDIENCE & CIRCULATION Topics & Tools

Revenue opportunities beyond football in San Francisco and Atlanta

April 24, 2014

The approach of the San Francisco Chronicle to the World Series wins of the San Francisco Giants in 2010 and 2012 helped define how newspapers can mine revenue through sporting events.

In 2010, the day after the Giants’ first-ever World Series win in the city of San Francisco, sales of the regular copies of the paper constituted a revenue homerun.

The Denver Post: Digital and mobile strategies provided revenue opportunities

April 22, 2014

Officials at the Denver Post knew they had a special opportunity after the Denver Broncos made it to the Super Bowl.

The home team hadn’t reached the National Football League championship game in 15 years. So, during the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, fan fervor was running off the charts.

“Any other team goes to playoffs and it’s ho-hum. The Broncos go to the playoffs and everything shuts down so people can watch the game,” said Lennie Changeux, the newspaper’s director of advertising operations and communications.

Newspaper single copy sales are increasingly a revenue story

April 16, 2014

The latest data from the Alliance for Audited Media’s most current rate book* documents that the one dollar price point is now the most popular single copy price for a daily newspaper and two dollars now dominates Sunday single copy pricing.

Super Bowl success at The News Tribune and The Olympian

April 15, 2014

When the Seattle Seahawks faced the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, the hometown newspapers launched wide-ranging strategies to make the most of the considerable revenue potential that comes along with being part of our nation’s biggest sporting event.

Pumping up sales of the print product – every newspaper’s bread-and-butter -- was a major part of the playbook at The News Tribune and The Olympian in Washington State. Both McClatchy Company-owned publications, located in Seattle’s South Sound, netted extraordinary Super Bowl-related results on the print side.

Digital Subscriptions: Meters, marketing and analytics

March 28, 2014

Just having a meter on your content isn't enough. As newspapers focus on growing digital subscriptions, more newspaper companies acknowledge the "low hanging" fruit has been captured by newspapers that have had an aggressive paid content strategy in place for an extended time. In simple terms, while the number of subscriptions continues to grow, we're getting closer to securing most of the digital subscribers that we can acquire by putting our content behind the meter.