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2012 Facts, Figures & Logic

2012 Circulation Facts, Figures & Logic

October 19, 2012

The 2012 installment of this popular product, based on an ongoing NAA circulation study, includes the latest data and trending information on a range of circulation metrics, including: subscription sales, subscriber churn, retention data by sales source, single-copy sales by outlet, subscriber payment practices, and an in-depth look at other aspects of newspaper marketing from strategic use of discounts to pricing strategies and outsourcing of distribution functions.

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Digital Subscription Growth: Four Engagement Initiatives

June 17, 2014

So how do you increase the level of engagement? What are the basic engagement strategies to implement or improvements to encourage more content consumption and more conversions?

Got a problem? Readers want a solution

June 09, 2014

News organizations are likely to benefit from shedding light on solutions in addition to problems, a new report suggests.

How Dallas Morning News revamped its business section

May 12, 2014

The Dallas Morning News got down to business -- the business section, that is.

The newspaper launched the redesign of its business section April 15. The newspaper changed not only the section’s look but also its content.

Gains in AAM total circulation reflect digital Success and growth in branded editions

May 08, 2014

The opportunity for increased reader revenues drove nearly four in ten (39) percent of AAM daily newspapers to move to the $1.00 single copy price point. The overall daily averages also reflect that newspapers are increasingly focused on selling less than seven day subscription packages.

Keys to success for turning a newspaper building into an event venue

May 06, 2014

The Denver Post has become a go-to event venue for local organizations, weddings and conferences as it now hosts between 8 and 10 events per month. But despite the success in a short timeframe, Weiss is quick to caution that it did not happen overnight.