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2015 International Newspaper Carrier Day

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Each year, we recognize the accomplishments of newspaper carriers who are working hard to get the newspaper into the hands of our readers.

This year, the newspaper industry has designated Saturday, October 10, 2015, as International Newspaper Carrier Day, a salute to the hundreds of thousands of newspaper carriers who deliver to 130 million print readers every week.

A number of former newspaper carriers have gone on to achieve national prominence in business, entertainment, politics and the press. John Wayne, Warren Buffett and Martin Luther King Jr. are among the former carriers who are now part of the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame, which began in 1960 by the International Circulation Managers Association and now is archived by NAA.

International Newspaper Carrier Day is held in conjunction with National Newspaper Week, Oct. 4-10, 2015, now in its 75th year and which is sponsored separately by the Newspaper Association Managers.

NAA Newspaper Carrier Day 2015 Resources:

The Newspaper Association of America has made the following resources available for use during National Newspaper Week and on International Newspaper Carrier Day. We encourage NAA members to run the ad, "Hats off to Newspaper Carriers" in their publications to show your support. The ad contains new data from the 2015 NAA Circulation Facts, Figures & Logic Report on today's newspaper carriers. We have also provided a social media graphic and Newspaper Carrier quiz below, which can be posted on websites and social media.

2015 Carrier Day Ad (pdf) - "Hats off to Newspaper Carriers" (NAA members only)

2015 Carrier Day Ad (eps) - "Hats off to Newspaper Carriers" (NAA members only)

2015 Carrier Day Social Media Graphic

Quiz on famous people who started as newspaper carriers

Additional materials are available on the National Newspaper Week website.


First Published: September 22, 2015