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How newspapers use green-screen technology at events

June 18, 2015

Newspapers use customized green-screen attractions to engage with event attendees and to gather their contact information. The newspapers can use the data to deepen relationships with readers and to reach potential subscribers.

NAA Series: Proven Strategies and Practices for Building Audience

February 09, 2015

In this series, NAA will take an in-depth look at newspapers that have increased their total audience over the past two years. The newspapers selected for the series were identified based on data from Scarborough Research and published by the Alliance of Audited media as among the 25 fastest-growing U.S. daily newspapers.

Chasing Clicks: Metrics should support a strategy, not be a strategy

January 05, 2015

Publishers are doing everything they can to optimize their experiences to wring out more clicks and more time-on-site, the two numbers most sought after by their advertisers.

For The Chicago Tribune, a Concerted Push to ‘Consumer-First’

December 17, 2014

With more than 165 years of continuous publishing under its belt, the Chicago Tribune has entered an era of unprecedented experimentation, executives say. “That’s really been our mantra—to do things we haven’t done, learn from them, iterate, improve, and go back out there and try again,” says Steve Levy, the Tribune’s senior manager of consumer marketing.

In A Traditional Market, Untraditional Growth for The Morning Call

October 22, 2014

As part of its commitment to locally focused community journalism, The Morning Call emphasizes watchdog reporting, including labeling every investigative story with a logo and an ongoing branding campaign touting the paper’s award-winning work with the tagline “Write Exposing Wrong.”

In Olympia, Mobile and Social Drive Growth

September 12, 2014

For The Olympian, audience growth has come in part from a deliberate approach to revamping online operations for an audience that has rapidly embraced mobile. Mobile growth, says online editor Ian Swenson, “is partly a result of the market, and partly a result of what we’re doing.”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Restoring Print, Repositioning for the Future

August 28, 2014

Efforts to restore the print edition after past retrenchment have contributed to significant print readership gains for The Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch. Stable combined audience trends that have inched up slightly over the past two years belie significant growth in weekday print readership.

The Ventura County Star: Two Markets, One Focus

August 13, 2014

The Ventura County (Calif.) Star has seen audience grow by narrowing its focus—and by expanding its sights down the bustling Highway 101 corridor into Los Angeles County. As its digital readership has grown in the broader Los Angeles market, executives at the daily have paid new attention to a readership far beyond its traditional circulation boundaries.

The Denver Post: Digital and mobile strategies provided revenue opportunities

April 22, 2014

Officials at the Denver Post knew they had a special opportunity after the Denver Broncos made it to the Super Bowl.

The home team hadn’t reached the National Football League championship game in 15 years. So, during the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, fan fervor was running off the charts.

“Any other team goes to playoffs and it’s ho-hum. The Broncos go to the playoffs and everything shuts down so people can watch the game,” said Lennie Changeux, the newspaper’s director of advertising operations and communications.

Digital Subscriptions: Meters, marketing and analytics

March 28, 2014

Just having a meter on your content isn't enough. As newspapers focus on growing digital subscriptions, more newspaper companies acknowledge the "low hanging" fruit has been captured by newspapers that have had an aggressive paid content strategy in place for an extended time. In simple terms, while the number of subscriptions continues to grow, we're getting closer to securing most of the digital subscribers that we can acquire by putting our content behind the meter.

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