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Paid Digital Content Benchmarking Study

Paid Digital Content Benchmarking Study

May 31, 2012

NAA’s Paid Digital Content Benchmarking Study, undertaken during spring 2012, is designed as a first step in gauging the impact of newspapers’ digital-content subscription strategies.

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Latest DIGITAL MEDIA Topics & Tools

Tips for maintaining data as lifeblood

March 13, 2014

You treat your newspaper circulation database like gold. Are you doing the same with data in digital?

For publishers today, data are lifeblood. You can hardly attend a media, marketing or tech conference without hearing talk of Big Data and how important it is to the industry. But how can you use it and even access more of it today?

Exploring categories of tablet news consumers

December 17, 2013

Human beings like to put things in discrete categories. We are unable to avoid it, since our brains constantly deal with a flood of visual, aural and tactile data. Our grey matter needs to organize that information flow to make sense of things. A 2011 study at the University of California, Berkeley, mapped more than 1,700 categories of actions and objects in an experiment involving participants watching movie trailers while their brain activity was recorded with magnetic resonance imaging. Making sense of how people think and act is not usually easy. Marketers and brand managers have wrestled with putting human motivation and behavior into categories for years in an effort to understand customers of their products and services.

The successes and lessons learned by the Tampa Bay Times in pursuit of a long-form bounty

December 11, 2013

The sinking of the HMS Bounty – a replica ship commissioned by MGM in 1962 and moored in St. Petersburg – was big news for the Tampa Bay Times' readership. After the ship sank in October 2012, during Hurricane Sandy, the Coast Guard ordered an investigation into the incident, which claimed the lives of two of 16 crew members, including the captain.

To mark the one-year anniversary of the incident, the Tampa Bay Times assigned a reporter to work full time on a special series focused on the HMS Bounty, which was presented both in print and an innovative, visually striking digital format.

MATTaboutJAX: The Florida Times-Union thinks outside the box with fun, creative video series

November 11, 2013

MATTaboutJAX isn’t just a video series. The brand really represents a re-imagining of the type of content that newspapers can create digitally, and a re-imagining of how to interact with the public.

Matt Pittman, a former broadcaster and radio disc jockey, was hired by The Florida Times-Union to experiment and try something that is a departure from traditional newspaper fare. His video projects take him to bars, symphonies, charity events, sports games and more. And then he presents the completed product as an entertaining, first-person perspective on the activity, in two minutes or less with music and commentary. There aren’t limits to what he’ll cover or where he’ll go so long as it’s interesting and fresh for the audience, he said. 

Crime reporting meets data journalism at the St. Paul Pioneer Press

November 05, 2013

A crime-mapping database launched in 2007 became so popular with users that it was an easy decision for the St. Paul Pioneer Press to take the application to the next level. The Digital First paper launched a new crime app in August, which allows users to view crime trends in their neighborhood and surrounding areas via an interactive map and searchable database.