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How the Texas Tribune's business model evolves

May 20, 2015

The Texas Tribune began adopting business strategies over five years ago that helped the organization thrive. Now, their business model has media insiders wondering how they have managed to remain sustainable.

The Omaha World-Herald builds its digital audience with targeted sites

August 13, 2014

At the Omaha World-Herald, bringing in readers to these targeted sites is nothing new. According to Jeff Carney, corporate director/digital content development, BH Media Group, the newspaper has operated sites devoted to areas like high school sports, the outdoors and parenting for more than three years.

Small newspapers explore digital sales strategies

January 09, 2013

As news consumers continue to move more and more toward using digital platforms, newspapers are increasingly focused on finding new ways to sell digital assets. Many are finding that simply asking legacy salespeople to add digital products to their plate is not the answer. So how are small newspapers handling this shifting need to sell digital?

The Bold Italic: A Gannett project built around innovation

November 09, 2012

The Bold Italic – a hyperlocal, lifestyle-driven hub for perspectives and images – is a new digital endeavor from Gannett, based around a website and a strong e-mail newsletter/social media strategy. What sets it apart more than the format – the what – is the how. The Bold Italic is unmistakably San Francisco.

Case Study: The Boston Globe

October 19, 2012

Boston.com now has a soundtrack. Over the summer, the news and information site – part of The Boston Globe franchise – debuted a live streaming radio station titled RadioBDC (short for “Boston dot com”). But, why venture into an entirely different format like radio?

Case Study: Star Tribune, Minneapolis

October 19, 2012

During a webinar organized by NetNewsCheck, Chad Wagner, the Star Tribune’s director of digital technology, explained how the newspaper thinks about its digital presence across devices and platforms. That strategy and some well-conceived decisions around staffing and workflow have led the Star Tribune to become the dominant digital brand in the market – not just the dominant newspaper or news brand, but the brand with the market’s highest share of online visitors, even over Amazon.com and The Weather Channel.

The Video Landscape: New ways newspapers are using video in their content strategies

August 24, 2012

Video is something newspapers have been testing for years as another tool in their multimedia arsenal. But now just might be the time when video breaks through and really becomes a game changer for publications as a way to build revenue and audience. We’re seeing more sophisticated and varied usages of video by newspaper staffs. The video content on their sites and apps is also guided by more comprehensive approaches, with footage fitting into programming schedules and supported by a boost in video skills training.

Digital Sales Executive Network

August 10, 2012

On the first Thursday of every month at 2 p.m. ET, NAA hosts a conference call with industry digital sales executives. The calls, open to all NAA members, provide opportunities for executives to ask questions, share insights, discuss new developments and more.

Navigating the new digital advertising ecosystem

June 05, 2012

As advertisers and agencies look for more efficiency and greater ROI in their digital media spending, they increasingly are moving to automated, programmatic buying such as advertising exchanges.

There is debate about whether emergence of exchanges will be beneficial to premium publishers. Regardless, newspapers must learn how to participate effectively in these new marketplaces.

Owning Online Promotions: How newspapers can lead this revenue category

February 07, 2012

As we start 2012, online promotions continue to present an exciting revenue opportunity for newspapers. Like advertising, online promotions – such as contests, deals, coupons and sweepstakes – often increase consumer awareness of an advertiser. However, online promotions go beyond advertising by encouraging measurable consumer engagement and interaction with advertisers with incentives – such as entering a contest, “liking” an advertiser on Facebook or purchasing a deal, which brings consumers into the advertiser’s store.

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