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Mobile Boosts Digital Newspaper Audience 27 Percent

Mobile AudiencesOctober 07, 2013

Mobile technology is substantially and rapidly expanding the audience of newspaper media and making the audience younger and more balanced between male and female readers, according to findings in this SenseMaker Report by the Newspaper Association of America. The report is derived from new data that allows a more detailed picture of the mobile and non-mobile digital audience of newspapers, collected from more than 300 newspaper collected for NAA by the media measurement firm comScore.

What Publishers Need to Learn About Using Social Media Effectively

Social MediaSeptember 18, 2013

For those who consider social media to be an ancillary activity, consider one statistic: In June 2011, time spent online in social media began to surpass the amount of time Americans spent on all other websites portals. This NAA SenseMaker Report offers a sense of the state of the art of how newspaper media have learned to use social media to connect with consumers about news.

The State of the Art in Designing Content for Tablets

Designing for TabletsMay 14, 2013

In the three years since Apple debuted the iPad, tablets have become the fastest growing digital technology ever introduced. As of January 2013, nearly a third of adults owned some brand of tablet, a 24 percent leap from just three months prior and 63 percent higher than a year earlier, according to the Pew Research Center. What has been learned about how people use tablets and what kinds of presentations work well? What, in short, is the state of the art about how to design for the tablet? A review of the audience research and case studies of a dozen-plus tablet designs suggests a core body of ideas entering 2013.

Across Platforms, 7 in 10 Adults Access Content from Newspaper Media Each Week

Multiplatform AudiencesMarch 25, 2013

Media consumption trends continue to change rapidly, particularly by the increase today in mobile technology use. This SenseMaker Report by the Newspaper Association of America assesses the latest data on consumption from Scarborough Research, which surveys some 206,000 adult Americans. Scarborough's extensive population allows researchers to look at the audience to different media sources across platforms.