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Accelerator Pitch Program at NAA mediaXchange 2015


“The Accelerator Pitch contest helped us move our business
to a new level by providing instant credibility and exposure
to our target audience,” said Matt Voigt, founder and CEO
of saambaa, an Accelerator Pitch 2014 winner. “After the
pitch we received significant interest from publishers, which
helped us advance business development. It was also fun and
well-organized! I'd recommend it to any startup looking to
move their business forward in the print publishing vertical.”

The second annual Accelerator Pitch program will take place at NAA mediaXchange 2015 on Tuesday, March 17. The program provides the opportunity to pitch the industry executives in attendance and is open to startup companies aimed at fulfilling newspaper companies’ print, digital, mobile or advertising needs.

In November and December, media startup companies submitted entries that were judged by an NAA committee on usefulness to newspaper media companies, innovation and creativity. Decisions of the committee are final.

Below are the seven winners that will present in Nashville. These companies won a conference registration pass (valued at $1,045) and a complimentary year of NAA associate membership (valued at $2,000). If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail Sean O’Leary, NAA Director of Communications.


Twitter @AdHusky

We provide a self-serve Facebook ad solution for small business owners. Local media ad sales team can use our solution to help small business owners advertise on Facebook.

BuzzBoard, Inc.

Twitter @myBuzzBoard

BuzzBoard was launched in the fall of 2012 with the explicit objective of changing the very nature of the relationship between sales professionals and their small and medium business prospects and customers. Too often sales professionals and their customers are out of alignment. Sometimes the sellers are unprepared for the conversation. At other times, the buyer doesn’t understand their competitive position.


Twitter @hatchback

Hatchback is an SDK that works with your mobile app to increase user engagement—our technology allows you to know your users better than anyone else so you can give them exactly what they want. Hatchback persistently gathers information about users' travel patterns to understand their tendencies, whereabouts and habits as consumers. In other words, Hatchback captures the invaluable moments happening between Point A and Point B that the "big guys" simply don't access.

Laudd, Inc.

Twitter @LauddInc

Paywalls and ad-monetization are often thought of as opposing forces. In contrast, Laudd builds synergies between digital subscription and advertising revenue, dramatically increasing both. Laudd enables publishers to easily designate premium content within pages without affecting their social media or search discoverability.


Twitter @GetOkanjo

Okanjo is a Milwaukee-headquartered technology company. Our Cloud Commerce platform powers unique eCommerce solutions including the Native Marketplace and Native Commerce for media, AdCommerce for advertisers, and solutions for other industries. Okanjo’s solutions are used by major media companies and advertisers ranging from popular, locally-focused entities to Fortune 1000 businesses.


Twitter @TouchCast

Our mission is to usher in a new age of expression. Anyone can easily create professional-quality videos combined with all the interactivity you expect to find inside a browser. We call these TouchCasts, a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web.

Trion Interactive

Twitter @TrionInt

We are leaders in mobile video, rich media, and interactive advertising on smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices. Our mission is to provide advertisers, brands, and content publishers simple, scalable, and flexible mobile advertising solutions.