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Home > NAA mediaXchange 2015 > Accelerator Pitch Program at NAA mediaXchange 2015

Accelerator Pitch Program at NAA mediaXchange 2015

paul field touchcastThe second annual Accelerator Pitch program  took place at NAA mediaXchange 2015 on Tuesday, March 17. The program provides the opportunity to pitch the industry executives in attendance and features startup companies aimed at fulfilling newspaper companies’ print, digital, mobile or advertising needs.

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Seven startups offer solutions for newspapers

March 17, 2015

Seven startups pitched to the NAA mediaXchange 2015 audience their ideas to solve the newspaper industry's challenges.

The Accelerator Pitch session included companies founded within the last couple of years: AdHusky, BuzzBoard Inc., Hatchback, Laudd Inc., Okanjo, TouchCast and Trion Interactive.

The Okanjo representatives started the Tuesday session by quoting NAA communications director and session host Sean O'Leary: "What separates newspaper media from other forms of media is our impact in the community and the trust we have earned from our readers."

Below are the seven winners that presented in Nashville. These companies won a conference registration pass (valued at $1,045) and a complimentary year of NAA associate membership (valued at $2,000). If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail Sean O’Leary, NAA Director of Communications.

adhusky logoAdHusky

Twitter @AdHusky

AdHusky helps newspaper companies generate more revenue by selling novel digital ad products to its local merchants. Using images and/or texts used by local merchants in traditional ads (e.g. paper ads, display ads), novel digital ads (e.g. Facebook Ad, Apple Watch Ad, etc) are automatically created; local merchants can expand their ad reach while newspaper companies get additional source of revenue. Furthermore, AdHusky’s machine learning algorithm increases the ROI of the ad spend by targeting most relevant audience, leveraging ad contents and its proprietary.

buzzboard logoBuzzBoard, Inc.

Twitter @myBuzzBoard

BuzzBoard, Inc.’s powerful SaaS-based sales enablement platform puts the buyer first, takes the friction out of the selling cycle and raises the confidence of each sales professional to drive shorter sales cycles and increased conversions. BuzzBoard runs on iOS and Android as well as the Web, making it an essential sales tool for both outside and inside sales professionals.

hatchback logoHatchback

Twitter @hatchback

Hatchback is an SDK that works with your mobile app to increase user engagement—our technology allows you to know your users better than anyone else so you can give them exactly what they want. Hatchback persistently gathers information about users' travel patterns to understand their tendencies, whereabouts and habits as consumers. In other words, Hatchback captures the invaluable moments happening between Point A and Point B that the "big guys" simply don't access.

lauddLaudd, Inc.

Twitter @LauddInc

Paywalls and ad-monetization are often thought of as opposing forces. In contrast, Laudd builds synergies between digital subscription and advertising revenue, dramatically increasing both. Laudd enables publishers to easily designate premium content within pages without affecting their social media or search discoverability. With Laudd, publishers display subscription options to non-subscribers on every page, and overlaid on the premium content items. Non-subscribers earn privilege points when content they share generates traffic back to the website, and use these points to seamlessly access the premium content.


Twitter @GetOkanjo

Okanjo is a Milwaukee-headquartered technology company. Our Cloud Commerce platform powers unique eCommerce solutions including the Native Marketplace and Native Commerce for media, AdCommerce for advertisers, and solutions for other industries. Okanjo’s solutions are used by major media companies and advertisers ranging from popular, locally-focused entities to Fortune 1000 businesses.

touchcast logoTouchCast

Twitter @TouchCast

TouchCast is a foundational technology platform for the future of the #videoweb. TouchCast enhanced videos are a new medium with interactive elements inside: web pages, documents, videos, pictures. We call these elements Video Apps (vApps), active HTML objects inside the video. The magic of TouchCast lies in the ability of the viewer to interact with the elements of the video independently of one another while remaining within the primary video experience. TouchCast allows anyone—from a firsttime blogger to a movie studio—to create and watch stunningly multi-layered and hyperinteractive videos.

trion interactive logoTrion Interactive

Twitter @TrionInt

We are leaders in mobile video, rich media, and interactive advertising on smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices. Our mission is to provide advertisers, brands, and content publishers simple, scalable, and flexible mobile advertising solutions.