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Blog for NAA mediaXchange

Latest Posts

What makes advertising content successful

March 19, 2015

A panel in Music City talked about how to set the stage for advertising content that resonates with readers and customers.

Advertisers, agencies and media companies shared their perspectives on successful advertising content Tuesday. Executives spoke on a panel at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

Misha Mukherjee, director of NBCUniversal Digital Investment at Maxus Global, discussed pushing out content in paid media channels, rather than from a public relations side.

An inside look at newspaper subscriber programs that work

March 18, 2015

How can a newspaper generate buzz with subscribers? Look at The Sacramento Bee.

Cox Media and The Sacramento Bee shared insights from their subscriber acquisition and retention programs Tuesday. Maria Ravera, vice president of audience development at The Sacramento Bee, and Michael Burlingame, senior director of audience revenue at Cox Media, spoke on a panel at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

An inside look at how to monetize news platforms

March 17, 2015

A group of panelists shared their ideas on how to monetize on different news platforms Tuesday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

Liz Denning, co-owner of Gamma Blast, a company that specializes in creating entertaining and compelling branded entertainment, kicked off the session by sharing her experience working with a media partner and how it helped to engage audience.

"We partnered with Scripps Network for a La-Z-Boy commercial and no ad agency was involved in that discussion so we're working directly with the brand which makes so much sense nowadays," said Denning. "We haven't done this with newspapers, but I certainly see a lot of potential there."

Jumpstart Foundry's Marcus Whitney shares lessons in innovation

March 17, 2015

To reach the heights of innovation, follow in the footsteps of sherpas.

"Successful innovators are sherpas," said Marcus Whitney, president of Jumpstart Foundry, a Nashville-based accelerator. He discussed other fresh approaches to innovation Tuesday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

Whitney told audience members that they have to embrace innovation, which is local.

Executives: Partnerships can boost revenue, readership for newspapers

March 17, 2015

Newspapers can implement solutions to the challenges they face if partnered with the right companies to help them succeed.

Several executives from various companies sat on a panel Tuesday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville to discuss their case studies based on solutions they have offered newspapers to grow revenue and engage audience.

Some of the panelists included Alison Draper from CrowdSource, Matt Voigt of saambaa and Brad Vriezelaar of The Toledo Blade.

Seven startups offer solutions for newspapers

March 17, 2015

Seven startups pitched to the NAA mediaXchange 2015 audience their ideas to solve the newspaper industry's challenges.

The Accelerator Pitch session included companies founded within the last couple of years: AdHusky, BuzzBoard Inc., Hatchback, Laudd Inc., Okanjo, TouchCast and Trion Interactive.

The Okanjo representatives started the Tuesday session by quoting NAA communications director and session host Sean O'Leary: "What separates newspaper media from other forms of media is our impact in the community and the trust we have earned from our readers."

A lesson in making communities and teams better through music

March 17, 2015

“You guys have had a busy few days. Time to have a little fun.”

Five-time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten said that as he took to the stage, along with Tennessee State University professor and fellow bassist Rod C. Taylor, to close NAA mediaXchange 2015.

During an interactive presentation, Wooten and Taylor used music-centered activities to facilitate a better understanding of what it means to be active, responsive, and connected members of our communities.

AP trumpets its plans for better coverage and more affordability

March 17, 2015

In Music City, the Associated Press trumpeted ways it will have better coverage, more flexibility and more affordability.

Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of AP, announced what it is doing to improve its news service and what it is doing to make it a better deal Tuesday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

Under a new proposal, a member would receive a meaningful incentive if it makes a longer-term commitment to AP, Pruitt said. More details about the proposal will be available in the coming months, he added.

How newspapers can thrive in local markets

March 17, 2015

Newspapers contribute to the fabric of the community by driving local conversation, creating shopping habits, and informing the public of local events, said Paul Kasbohm, senior vice president/chief revenue officer of the Star Tribune. "If anyone's going to win in the local marketplace, it should be newspapers."

The question is, how do newspapers capture this local audience? Kasbohm said that in order to think local, we have to act local. His company attacked the goal through several tactics. A rebranding campaign changed their tagline to "More of what Matters to Minnesota. All day, every day." This tagline permeates every company move and captures the essence of how important it is to shape the lives of those in the marketplace, said Kasbohm.

How newspapers can leverage technology trends

March 17, 2015

Technology trends continue to shape the way newspapers tailor their content for various platforms and audiences, and they will continue to do so this year.

Amy Webb, founder and CEO of Webbmedia Group, shared some of her organization's 2015 digital media trends report Tuesday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville. She focused on two trends and what newspapers can learn to elevate their consumer experience and business strategies.

News organizations discuss ways to build a mobile audience

March 16, 2015

The newspaper industry faces the challenge of attracting and keeping mobile audiences.

Damon Kiesow, senior manager for Mobile Initiatives at McClatchy Interactive, says the way to find this balance is through data-driven focus, user-centered design, and usability testing. He says the focus should be on the readers. "Identifying needs is key — even if it doesn't seem like a big need."

API shares insights from its Metrics for News program

March 16, 2015

Numbers can be numbing, but a unique program can help publishers get a better grip on data.

The American Press Institute's executive director Tom Rosenstiel, deputy director Jeff Sonderman and content program strategy manager Liz Worthington discussed the organization's Metrics for News program Monday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville. They presented an analysis of the content from newspapers working with API.

Newspaper executives share success stories for expanding audiences

March 16, 2015

Newspaper executives don't intend for newspapers to die anytime soon.

Executives from four prominent newspaper organizations discussed their company's unique strategies to expand audiences and how to reach those that are beyond the traditional newspaper content in their session Monday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville.

How to spice up your marketing strategy

March 16, 2015

"We are not a melting pot; we are a salad bowl."

Those were the words of Kelly McDonald, author of "How to Market to People Not Like You." She told her audience Monday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 that the world is diversified by a mix of people and their differences.

How to stay in tune with millennial readers

March 16, 2015

Nashville-based communications and marketing professionals shared tips on hitting the right notes with millennials.

Jeff Sonderman, deputy director of the American Press Institute, moderated a millennial panel discussion Monday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville. Panelists Melissa Watkins, Alex Hughes, Jeff Horne and Gai Phanalasy are millennials or close to the age group. They shared their views on using social media to engage millennials and paying for news.

How newspapers can focus on the art and science of social media

March 16, 2015

"Social media is the digital water cooler," said Kim Wilson, CEO and president of SocialNewsDesk.

Wilson, Jason White, strategic partner manager-news at Facebook, and Eric Harris, chief business operations officer at BuzzFeed, stressed the importance of social media Monday at NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville. The panelists also offered ways to monetize the use of it in news.

Vox's Bankoff shares secret to success in dynamic digital media environment

March 16, 2015

Jim Bankoff addressed the audience by assuring them he wasn't the Internet guy spelling doom-and-gloom for legacy media. Rather, he wanted to explain Vox's success on the digital platform, a growing piece of the media pie.

Bankoff, chairman and CEO of Vox Media, presented a keynote address at NAA mediaXchange 2015, where he discussed the evolution of online media and why Vox Media is one of the fastest growing online media platforms.

Journalist Schibbye recalls hope during harrowing imprisonment

March 16, 2015

"It was a nice day to die."

Those were the words of Martin Karl Schibbye as he began describing his experiences as an journalist imprisoned by the Ethiopian government in 2011. His captors subjected him to a mock execution by firing squad which had been ordered by the country's vice president.

Study finds millennials are hard news seekers

March 16, 2015

Millennials make it a priority to be civically minded and remain informed by relying on news through digital and print outlets, despite the widely held belief that they are not active news consumers.

Five Answers with Brendon Thomas, Okanjo

March 11, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper - print, online and/or mobile?

100% online, mostly mobile, and as I'm thinking about it, mostly from social. The second largest channel is email -- articles sent directly to me by people who thought I might find them interesting.​

Five Answers with Taek Chung, AdHusky

March 3, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper - print, online and/or mobile?

For online, I usually read it via LinkedIn and Facebook. I live/work in San Francisco downtown, so I commute by tram/bus, where I read 80% of my news on my smartphone. For BusinessInsider (which I subscribe), I read them on PC since am getting their curated news via emails.

Five Answers with Paul Field, Touchcast

February 24, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper - print, online and/or mobile?

Monday to Saturday I read newspapers on my iPhone first thing, and will dip in and out throughout the day from my Mac. I’m based in London so I’ll pick up the free Metro in the morning and the free Evening Standard in the afternoon. On Sunday I try to have plenty of screen-free time and enjoy reading The Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Times in print.

Five Answers with Jeff Sonderman, American Press Institute

February 17, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper - print, online and/or mobile?

In our audience research at the American Press Institute, we’ve found that the average American adult uses four different devices or technologies to get news in a given week, moving from print to mobile to tablet to laptop depending on the situation and needs of the moment. I personally identify pretty closely with that.

Attention College Students: Cover NAA mediaXchange 2015 in Nashville

February 9, 2015

NAA is seeking students to cover the NAA mediaXchange 2015 on Monday, March 16, and/or Tuesday, March 17.

In advance of the show, we are looking for local college students to help NAA cover the event. During the show, our student news team will write recaps of sessions, take pictures and videos, and assist with social media to help provide total coverage to the more than 1,000 expected attendees. It is also an excellent networking opportunities to meet key media and advertising executives.

San Antonio Express-News generates mobile revenue with help from Saambaa

February 9, 2015

Hearst’s San Antonio Express-News found a way to successfully engage millennials and generate mobile revenue in less than a year thanks to saambaa, a mobile entertainment platform.

Since launching the Play SA app in May 2014, saambaa has repackaged the Express-News’s local content including events, dining and entertainment, which serves as a mobile concierge for residents and tourists. The app has allowed the newspaper to develop relationships with several local businesses and leverage their presence as a preferred news and city guide for San Antonio.

Five Answers with Damon Kiesow, McClatchy Interactive

January 27, 2015

4) If you could change one thing about the newspaper industry, what would it be?

I would hire a technologist for every copy editor we have lost in the past 10 years. We spent too much time cutting and not enough reinvesting while we could, leaving us at a competitive disadvantage to digital native organizations. To paraphrase a Netflix exec, can we now become Buzzfeed/HuffPo/etc. faster than they can become us?

Five Answers with Jonah Goodhart, Moat CEO

January 19, 2015

2) What's the most exciting thing going on at your company?

The idea that we’re beginning a shift away from an “impressions and clicks economy” to an “attention economy”, is very exciting. Moat is at the center of this movement as the analytics company measuring “attention” for over 100 billion ad impressions every month! We will look back on this transition period and be surprised that it took us so long to move away from the old standards, but old habits die hard!

Newspaper media are vital for compelling storytelling

January 13, 2015

We live in a world of instant gratification.

We have an abundance of information at our fingertips and the ability to stay up-to-date on world events within seconds. We embrace new digital technologies and they are revolutionizing the ways in which news media is consumed and stories are told. It is an exciting time to be a part of the newspaper media industry.

Five Answers with Amy Webb, Webbmedia Group

January 12, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper – print, online and/or mobile?

I wouldn't say that I read any particular newspaper at all. Instead, I subscribe to a few different networks and services that curate content for me. I rely most heavily on an app called Nuzzel, which tracks which stories are being shared by people whose opinions I value most. Once a story has reached some level of critical mass (it changes depending on how busy I am) I see a push notification on my mobile. I also use the app to track other stories that are popular.

Five Answers with Susan Page, USA Today

January 6, 2015

1) How do you read the newspaper – print, online and/or mobile?

All of the above. My husband, a columnist for The Dallas Morning News, and I get four print editions delivered to our doorstep at home every morning – USA TODAY (of course), The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. They usually arrive by 4:30 AM, an impressive performance by an old-style delivery system. Reading the print editions over coffee in the early morning is one of life’s pleasures, in my view.