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Student News Team

Five university students from the local Denver area are assisting in coverage of the NAA mediaXchange conference in Denver, March 16-19. They’ll work with staff from NAA and the American Press Institute to cover the discussions, themes and other “news on the news” coming out of the conference sessions and keynotes.

To follow their coverage, be sure to bookmark the mXc blog and follow @NAAUpdates.

Meet the News Team:

Rick Cookson

Colorado State University

Journalism B.A., English B.A., '16


Posts by Rick:

Sharing the techniques behind BuzzFeed’s digital journalism model

Start-ups share new solutions for the newspaper media industry

Newspaper executives talk about their experience with digital subscriptions

Caitlin Curley

Colorado State University

Journalism B.A., '17 


Posts by Caitlin:

Governor discusses accuracy in media

Leveraging local strength

Media companies need to be more flexible for advertisers, panel says

Adrian D. Garcia

University of Colorado Boulder

Journalism B.S., '14


Posts by Adrian:

Execs tout the benefits of native advertising for publishers and sponsors

AP White House correspondent, photographer share what it’s really like to cover the President

AP president tells NAA mediaXchange the nonprofit is changing for the better

New research revealed at NAA mediaXchange tells story of today's newspaper media audience

Lars Gesing

University of Colorado Boulder

Newsgathering M.A., '15


Posts by Lars:

Bonin Bough “hacks” the mobile media culture

Panel explores exploding world of big data for newspaper media

Recognizing personal news cycles: What the media needs to do to address its audience’s behaviors

How newspapers can still provide a platform and market for advertisers

Alison Noon

University of Colorado Boulder

Journalism B.S., Political Science B.A., '14


Posts by Alison:

Media execs: advertisers, newsrooms late, but adapting to mobile

We are all social journalists now: 8 easy ways for journalists to boost engagement on Twitter

Media mogul presents way for news orgs to break wall between editorial and advertising

Newspaper execs: Readers to decide future of print news products