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Smart is the New Sexy.
Smart Content
Smart Shopping
Smart Community


It's hard to keep up with everything going on in the world today, including the part that's right around you. That's why people look to the newspaper, print or digital, to give them the community news and insights they can't find anywhere else. And besides, that gallery opening could be the icebreaker you've been looking for.


Print Ads

Digital Ads

Broadsheet (10" x 20")
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Tabloid (9" x 11")
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300 x 250
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160 x 600
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The "Smart is the new sexy" industry promotion ads reinforce the value of newspaper media to existing and prospective consumers. The ads speak to the timeless merits of newspaper journalism, newspapers as vehicles for savvy shoppers, and the community insights and information that newspapers provide. Collectively, they reinforce the enduring draw of our medium among print audiences while engaging those consumers who come to newspapers through their many digital formats. All advertising materials are still available to newspapers that wish to run them in print or online. Interested newspapers may download print and digital files for each ad using the image buttons on the right rail.

Questions? If you need assistance with the ad, please contact us at feedback@naa.org.



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